Geeky Home Decor

We just bought a house, because we're adults and what not. Even though my mother promptly sent me multiple Home & Garden inspired Pinterest links for a "proper home", I'm don't think that lace doilies will have much of a place in our new house.

Here are a few Geek items that will be decorating our house instead of fake plants. Don't forget about our previous post all about geeky shower curtains.

Source: SaberForum- user: saint

Light sabers

We actually already have one light saber from Ultrasabers. It is awesome. We're already planning on ordering more.

These aren't the same light sabers that you'll find in your local Target. These are legitimate works of art that you can fence with. They have specific versions that can take a little more damage, but even the normal ones are pretty tough.

Bonus, mounted on the wall, they give off the right amount of light for movie night. 

Ladies of Firefly

The wonderful artist Megan Lara has created beautiful Art Nouveau inspired portraits of the leading ladies from the short-lived TV show, Firefly. They're available for $30 for the set from qmxonline. (I think that ThinkGeek carries them as well)

Harry Potter Wall Tapestry from Scoiety6

Panet Wall Tapestry from Society5

Wall Tapestries

I'm in love with these geek-y wall tapestries. One of these will be in my son's room, but I have decided which. Maybe both?

Both the Harry Potter "I swear the I am up to no good" tapestry and the planets tapestry are from the same designer, Dorothy Timmer, and available on Society6.