The most patriotic music video ever - 'Merika.

Con Bro Chill's Born Free America

I found this video when it had about 1,000 views, and within a day, it had already gained another 100,000 views, and it continues to gain popularity.

This video is a fun, light hearted satire/embrace of the sometimes over the top patriotism of the United States. So with out further ado, let me present the hunt for the fabled Cheetos munching Man-Eagle.

Lyrics, quoted from Con Bro Chill's YouTube page,
"Hot Dog Cheese Puff Ping Pong w/ a football put your boots on cuz oprah's watching nascar. CHUCK NORRIS, FORD TAURUS. who doesn't want to see Aerosmith!
Born Free its America
Big Stuff its America
High Five its America
Watch Out its America"

I plan to have this played at my funeral.