Lucky Charms Pinterest Fail

However, this was my end result.

This was what the recipe was suppose to turn out like.
If you can't tell the difference, the original result was beautifully and evenly covered in white chocolate, had a glorious covering of sprinkles, and mixed with firm magical lucky charms marshmallows.  My result was clumps of white chocolate with cereal stuck to the outside of it, mushy marshmallows, and too big sprinkles that didn't stick to anything.

I should have realized what was to come while I was still at the grocery, and they didn't have Rice Chex. I ignored the foreshadowing and bought the only type of non-flavored Chex on the shelf: Wheat Chex. Later that evening I sat down, and sorted the marshmallows from the cereal. (Thankfully, that went as planned.)

We finished our Doctor Who episode, and I went to melt the chocolate. Lacking both a microwave and a true double boiler, I ghetto-rigged one with a medium sized skillet, some large metal serving utensils, and a large glass bowl.  I know that it's a surprise that my ingenious sounding contraption didn't work out well, but it didn't. Maybe if I would have given it more time, or kept the heat higher, but I was afraid of the glass bowl exploding, so I decided to mix the chocolate with the cereal as best I could and then see if it would melt in the oven.

The oven began to smoke, upon further inspection, it was a left-over piece of sausage from the pizza earlier in the night.  Maybe if I had left it a little longer the chocolate would have melted like planned. Alas, we shall never know, because I became frustrated and just smashed it all together the best I could, mixed everything else together and called it a day.


  1. It didn't turn out quite right, but thankfully I love white chocolate. So the giant clumps of nothing but white chocolate, don't really bother me. :)

  2. Hi Haley,

    Sounds like you had quite the adventure with this recipe! I work at General Mills with Chex cereal and Party Mix and in light of this fail we'd like to send you something special. Please shoot me an email at carly.beetsch AT genmills DOT com.

    Hope to hear from you!


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