Glorious Sunday Morning

It's a pretty chill morning here in Maryland today, a beautiful yet chilly morning accompanied by my wonderful husband cooking us a brunch of eggs and bacon. Yah might say, I'm pretty lucky. You'd be right.

Dear little Charlie Bean is due in two weeks, or he may decide to stay inside for four more weeks.  Either way, he's making me highly uncomfortable.  His head has dropped and now finds itself lodged into the most uncomfortable positions in my pelvis. This sensation makes sitting, laying down, standing, and walking more of a chore than ever before, but it'll all be over soon and I'll have a little bundle of smiles and poop in my arms.

Charlie is going to have the best school projects ever. Why? Because we willingly spent two whole afternoons this last week building a cat fort out of all the boxes we have from people sending baby gifts.  You can't quite tell the magnificence of this structure from the picture. it has two tunnels, multiple windows of different sizes, a perch on the top for him to sunbathe in, and dangley bits on the inside for him to attack.  If we put this much time, effort, and duct tape into a cat fort imagine what his volcano will be like.

I give you, Ft. Meowchops.