Four Lists of Books to Read

With my new passion for self-improvement, I'm constantly looking for new books to read. However, I've never been a fan of most classics, so I want a mixture of classics and newer works.  Although they have obvious worth to the community and our culture, with great things said within their bindings, but I don't want to fight and dig for hours to read a few chapters. Plus, I'm pretty sure that some of the things that my teachers have taught us about symbolism are, well, bologna. Just because it's raining or snowing doesn't necessarily mean that the author meant that the feelings of one of the characters is feeling tumultuous.

Anyway, it's not time for that soapbox today. It is however time for my favorite list of books to read.

This is a list of "books to read before college."  It's nothing special and pretty much filled with classics.

Then there's 120 books to read before you die.  It's BBC's 100 books to read plus an extra 20.  He points out a few of the questionable items in the original list, like how it includes Hamlet and the Original Works of William Shakespeare.

This is probably my favorite, I've never watched much of the show, but this is a wonderful list. The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge, which includes all of the books that Rory read throughout the series.

Then there's always the list of classics that have been banned or challenged.

GoodReads is a wonderful tool to keep track of what books you've read, are reading, and want to read. If you pick a list go ahead and add all of the titles to the "to-read" section, and as you read them you can check them off and leave a review if you want.  If you have a GoodReads account go ahead and add me to get an up to date look at what I'm reading, and what I think of what I've read.