My Excuse for Being a Flexitarian

I've tried multiple times to become a full fledged vegan.  I understand the health and environmental benefits of veganship and vegetarianess.  I know that if I'd suck it up and eat a strict vegetarian diet that my weight would stay healthier, my mood would be better, and I'd be healthier.

However, something always seems to get in my way.  Such as this morning.  We finally purchased a cast iron skillet last night. (The amount of joy that this purchase fills me with is completely unexplainable, in fact it's kinda stupid how giddy it makes me.)

I decided that the skillet should be properly seasoned with the first meal cooked in it, and what seasons anything better than bacon? As far as I'm concerned, nothing could season a skillet better than a quarter pound of bacon being fried and then eggs fried in the glorious bacon grease.

The meals for the rest of the week are pretty meat light. Pasta Carbonara, a vegetarian night, and homemade pierogis, so I feel less bad about the amount of glorious pork fat that I ate this morning.  Plus, we went to an Amish farmer's market today and picked up some high quality, organic cheese and milk.  So I can't be that terrible.

But that'a pretty much it in a nutshell.  Bacon. Bacon is the reason that I can never be a complete vegetarian, and thus I do what I can as a flexitarian, giving up meat at as many meals as possible.