Vegetable Tourism: How to Eat Your Landscape and Do More

I understand Pam Warhurst.  She is a woman who wants change, with out bureaucracy, and for the the greater good.  We also share another component. We both hate useless prickly bushes that do nothing more than hold the soil in place.   She along with some colleagues transformed their town, Todmorden, England, into an edible town.  

They have not only began to plant edible foods to help feed the city with local fresh, affordable (free in many cases) food, but they have also taught the community how to garden, when food is fresh, and how to cook the food.  This increases your local community economy, and community moral.  It does not cost more money, since most of these places are already paying for landscapers.

The moral of the story is to use space intelligently and do good with everything you do.  The people who made this possible are all volunteers, and they did not ask permission to do these things. They simply saw a need, and did what they could.