A Glorious Weekend of Accomplishing Very Little

One of the entrances to the scenic Savage Mill.
We have a terrible habit of setting out to accomplish some very important and grown up actions, and then becoming horrendously side tracked.  For example, we once set out to buy a baby crib and came back with a new TV.  This last weekend we did it again.  We meant to go look around some consignment shops and pick up a few last minute things for little Charlie Bean (who could be here any day now), but instead stumble on the quaint little Savage Mill Mall.

The Savage Mill Mall was once a textile mill, but has been transformed into an adorable mall housing plenty of local artists and businesses, including: sculptures, a dog store, craft stores, restaurants, photographers, antique stores, etc.

My favorite store that I found there was the The Queen's Ink. It has the standard scrapbooking supplies, as well as all sorts of stamps, tools to work thin metal, publications and all the tools needed to make mixed media art.

This was one of my favorite mixed media pieces. 
The above piece I found at the Queen's Ink, and thankfully the artist left a link to her blog on the back.  Pinkle Art's blog is full of all sorts of wonderful ideas for mixed media projects, and I have to say that I am jealous of her talent.

I want to learn how to make stuff like this, however if my attempts at scrap-booking are anything to go on with the mixed media, then maybe I should stay away.  However, I still want to try, I'm just not sure where to begin.  There are so many different types of stamps, papers, inks, die cuts, metal work, and needed materials.  Thankfully Queen's Ink offers classes, maybe I'll just start with one of them and see how I do.

After our tour of the mill, and getting lost in the multi-floored antique shop, we stopped for dinner at the Ram's Head Tavern. Their food was wonderful, plus they have Dominion Root Beer on tap, which is by far one of the best local root beers that I've had from this area.  Plus, their staff was friendly and extremely helpful without being over bearing.

Be forewarned though, the building is a restored mill, so it's heating and air isn't the best.  It gets pretty warm in some areas (although some of that may just be my hormones at 38 weeks pregnant), and I can imagine that if it's a cool day it might get a little chilly, so dress in layers if it's your first visit.


  1. Hey there! Awwww, your photo of Savage Mill makes me feel all sad I am not there but happy to see it again... I live a bit far away for a weekend trip (like 3,700 miles too far!) Am so chuffed that you liked my creation, thanks for the shout out! Hope you get to do some classes at Queen's Ink... Queen Patti is an absolute darling, she will help you on your way to mixed media making ..Hels


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