Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What is the Glorious TED and a little about Poop

I was the weird kid growing up who watched the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and HGTV instead of Nickelodeon.  Fast forward a few years, and it should surprise no one that I still watch overly educational videos for pleasure.

Much to my husband's despair on the occasional Saturday morning, I hijack the TV/Computer/iPad and have a TED marathon, and I even occasionally make him watch.

What is TED? Only one of the best websites in the entire world (after theChive of course). Technically, it's not just a website. It's a non-profit that holds conferences where the brightest minds attend around the world.  Here they give inspiring, funny, informative speeches that last anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Lucky for those of us who aren't so brilliant, and whose pocketbooks can't quite afford the conference fee, they post videos from the conference online, for free.

Here is one of my newest favorite videos from TED. It is Rose George talking about poop, and how poop and sanitation affect everything from health to education.

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