To Whom it May Concern, Thank You

Picture unrelated. I just really like baby giraffes.

I'm not sure who I have to thank, but I'm sure there is someone in my past who I need to thank for making an impact on what I view to be food and on how I view the environment and changing the world.

As far as my circle of friends is concerned, I'm one of only two that cooks, and I'm the only one who goes out of the way to cook healthy.  This healthy cooking did not come from my family. God love my mother, but most of her recipes include at least one, if not more, can of cream of mushroom soup.  Think middle class Paula Deen.  I decided to try to be a vegetarian while in college, and when I told my mother this, she laughed hysterically. Even if eating five servings of fruits and vegetables wasn't ingrained into my soul, my mother did make sure that I knew the basics of cooking.  I could brown meat, bake casseroles, and make just about anything using highly processed foods as a base.

Through the multiple school programs educating me on how healthy vegetables are, an obsession with loosing weight in high school, and watching a huge amount of documentaries that talked about health conscious food, I slowly began to change my lifestyle.  I've became a flexitarian, I try to limit the processed foods that I eat, and that I feed my family, I've joined a CSA, and I cook almost every meal from scratch.

One of the most important steps that I've taken, inspired by a TEDtalk by Jamie Oliver, is to teach others to cook.  So, slowly I'm beginning to teach my friends and family not just to cook using a processed Hamburger Helper as a base, but that cooking healthy recipes can be simple, and a lot cheaper than people think. Another step I'm taking is using the internet to share healthy easy recipes.  Here are two of my most recent: Easy Chicken Fajitas and Healthy Beef and Onion Soup.

So to whoever it was that opened my mind to the fact that I can the world, at least a little, and I can be healthier and better than those who came before me, thank you.