Had to Share a little Sweet Sacharine

A good friend of mine had a blog that she updated regularly for about a year, and it was pretty wonderful.  It's called Sweet Saccharine and thankfully the blog is still online, because it is filled with some wonderful recipes for thigh thickening sweets.

Do you know what this is? Nutella stuffed French toast. You have never tasted something so delectable.

Now I'll put a disclaimer, the recipes don't tend to be healthy, generally don't include a lot of fresh fruits or whole grains, and usually do include at least one stick of butter. So these aren't recipes that will appear daily in my newly flexitarian lifestyle, but they are the recipes of my childhood, and I still do adore them.

There is a recipe for an Independence Day themed cheesecake, and an entire month dedicated to Nutella. Dedicate whatever you want to Nutella, and I'm probably gonna be on board.

Anywho, she doesn't update it anymore, but go ahead and give it a look.